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Great Blasket Island - An Blascaod Mor, Co. Kerry, Ireland
God! isn’t it an odd person indeed who would be troubled in mind with so much
beauty around him and all of it the work of the Creator’s hand?
Peig Sayers

Irish Language Reference Material - includes language lessons, songs, poems, stories and fonts.

Irish Language Links - includes a large list of links pertaining to learning Irish including links to classes in your country and area.

Irish Music and MP3 Downloads - Music in Irish, by Irish musicians or with an Irish flair.

Irish Language Books & Dictionaries - a list of recommend books, music and other resources for learning Irish.

Irish Language Flashcards - an online flashcard program and flashcards you can download and print for practicing your Irish language skills.

Starting and Irish Business or Other Company - helpful advice on starting a new small business.

Working with Business Loans - tips on small business loans and starting a new business.

Small Business Loans - information and tips on small business loans.

Loans for Irish and Non-Irish Related Business - more help on working with small business loans in various areas of business.

Irish Food Items - many Irish favorites including Irish breakfast items.

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Irish Music and MP3 Downloads
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