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Training Zone

While performing aerobic exercise, your heart rate should stay in a range between 60% and 80% of your MHR (Maximum Heart Rate). This is your Training Zone.

For best results, aerobic and fat burning, keep your heart rate in the Training Zone for at least 12 minutes. The longer and more frequently you do this the more improvement you'll see. An aerobic work out should last at least 12 minutes, not counting warm up or cool down, only the amount of time your heart rate is within your Training Zone.

Why 12 minutes?
This is the amount of time needed for the body to start producing fat burning enzymes. The idea is that you want to get your body to use fat for energy. After 12 minutes you start to burn fat at a higher rate. In general, if you train at the higher end of your Training Zone, you will burn more glycogen, improving your aerobic fitness. Training at the lower end of your Training Zone for a longer period will allow the body to use your fat reserves for energy, thus burning fat.

Manually Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) and Training Zone (beats per minute):
  • Calculate your MHR: Subtract your age from 220.
  • Calculate 60% of your MHR: (220 - your age) X 0.6 = minimum training heart rate
  • Calculate 80% of your MHR: (220 - your age) X 0.8 = maximum training heart rate
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