Guinness Recipes

Cooking Irish Food with Guinness for St. Patrick's Day
or any day you're feeling a bit Irish.

Be advised that all these Guinness recipes are best with a simulated Irish Pub Guinness, and not draught.
You can make a reasonable facsimile of Irish Pub Guinness by mixing a 3 to 1 ratio of draught to stout.
This only applies outside of Ireland. Your mileage (and taste) may vary.

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Guinness Punch

 I understand many Jamaicans have their own personal recipes for this beverage; this is a starting point. You can tweak it according to your own tastes.

1 tall can Guinness
Approx. 7 oz. (1/2 can) sweetened condensed milk, or to taste
cinnamon, to taste (optional)
nutmeg, to taste (optional)
1 raw egg (optional)

Blend all ingredients in a blender or mix in a bowl with a whisk.


Guinness Float

1 tall glass Guinness or other dark stout
1 large scoop vanilla ice cream

Place ice cream in Guinness. Drink


Black Velvet

1/2 qt Guinness
1/2 qt Champagne
Combine Guinness and champagne in a tall chilled glass. Stir and serve. Makes 1 quart.
The story behind Black Velvet from Guinness itself.:
"The death of Queen Victoria's beloved Albert in 1861 was responsible for the introduction of that prince among drinks-Black Velvet. As the whole of England mourned the Consort the bar steward at Brook's Club in St. James Street, should go into mourning by simply mixing it in equal parts with Guinness.


Poor-man's Black Velvet (aka Snakebite)

1/2 pint. Guinness
1/2 pint hard cider.


Purple Meany

Half pint Guinness
Half bitter
Splash of cordial.

There are several variations involving black currant cordial or cassis. Cordial will sweeten a Guinness, and if poured in through the head, leaves a purple "splotch" in the head.


Black & Tan

1/2 Guinness & 1/2 Bass

How to pour a Black & Tan:
Hold your pint glass at an angle as you would when pouring a Guinness. Fill just over halfway with Bass Ale on tap. Slow the flow control on the Draught Guinness tap down to a mere trickle. Fill to the top, letting Draught Guinness hit the side of the glass -OR- pour Draught Guinness over an upside-down spoon to disperse the flow. Let settle.


Half & Half

1/2 Guinness
1/2 Harp

Some people believe this is the true version of a Black & Tan. They feel that Guinness/Bass Import Co. has changed the name of this drink to increase their bottom line by selling both products at once. (Pure genius!) Some people will remember that before the mid-80s Guinness was mixed with other beers to give them added taste. In fact, the authors have an advertisement dating from the 1940s that promoted adding Guinness to "your favorite beer" for "added enjoyment." To many old-timers it is a travesty to drink Guinness straight. It must be from the bottle and mixed with a lighter beer.

Some old-timers remember that a B&T was never Guinness floating on top of a lighter beer, either. It was completely mixed 50/50, not separated.


Black & Red (aka Black Cherry)

Guinness & Kriek


Black Monk (aka Black Death)

Guinness & Trappist Ale


A Drop of Diesel (aka A Depth Charge)

Drop a shot of Guinness into a full pint of Smithwick's (Kilkenny's in the states). Darkens the Smithwick's and gives it a hint of Guinness. This was a very popular drink in the late 1980s, especially in the 6 northern counties.


Guinness Float (aka Golden Cream)

1 pint glass (20 oz.)
8-10 oz Guinness
Vanilla Ice Cream
Add Guinness to pint glass. Allow for head to completely settle. NO head is ideal. Add several scoops of premium vanilla ice cream slowly. Wait for a few moments for things to settle. Serve with a long ice cream spoon. Enjoy!
NOTE: Do not add ice cream to glass before Guinness as the effects of the "Golden Cream Head" will not take place.


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