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Barbeque Books including Kindle Ready Books

Here are some barbeque books I've had good luck with, lusted after or heard good things about. Your mileage may vary.

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Kindle Barbeque Books

First you need the Kindle. This is an amazing device to wirelessly download and read just about anything (including recipes) as well as listen to mp3s. Perfect for your barbeque podcasts! This is helpful for finding your way around the Kindle. A little protection for the Kindle when traveling or cooking, and a stand to keep next to the grill. The light is helpful as well. Guide to the best barbeque and other food joints on the road.

Print Barbeque Books

This is a great book to help add some variety and spice to your rubs, marinades and sauces for all your outdoor cooking. If you have to grill (not that there is anything wrong with that), this book covers all the recipes and styles. This is the first book I tackled. Good solid recipes and advise liberally sprinkled with stories and anecdotes. Highly recommended! Recipes from all over the world and all over the map in style and content. More good work by a barbeque master!
It may sound strange and certainly is embarrassing for the chicken, but it really works. Don't limit yourself to beer, black cherry soda and Coke work well too. Ribs are what a lot of people think of first when they hear barbeque. If you can't learn something from this book, you're just not trying hard enough! Living in Oregon makes indoor grilling a necessity. This book will give you a variety of ideas and recipes when the great outdoors is just a little to rough. Great tips and recipes from a barbeque legend. Good reading and these recipes work!

Barbeque Recipes, Tips and Products
Did you know you can Smoke Indoors?

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